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7 Essential Tips for Buying a Classic Old Truck: A Complete Guide

Photo of an old 1930's Chevy classic truck sitting in a driveway next to a camper trailer

Photo by Dave, Old Car Junkie freely used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Classic trucks are a timeless symbol of ingenuity, hard work, and craftsmanship. These vehicles are not only sought after by collectors and enthusiasts but also by anyone looking to own a piece of history. Buying a classic old truck is no small task, yet has broken it down, sharing this list below of 7 tips for buying a classic truck. We hope it will make things go ... Read more

5 Tips for Selling a Classic Truck: How to Value, Market, and Sell

Photo of a red Dentside Ford truck with a For Sale sign in the window

Photo by JOHN LLOYD freely used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

There’s quite a bit that goes into selling a classic truck. Ensuring that you’ve valued it correctly, that you’ve prepared it for sale well, and ensuring that you advertise and market it effectively are just a few considerations, to start. There’s also pieces around communicating, vetting, and negotiating with potential buyers of your pickup.

It’s no small task, yet has broken it down, shar... Read more

Auto Tip: Thrift is the Better Part of Ingenuity

Photo of the engine bay of a 1970's international harvester

My International is under the wrench this week. It’s getting a new exhaust system, among other things. The old assembly was totally shot, the factory exhaust had rusted out long ago and the equipment I removed was a repair made some twenty years ago by the previous owner.

I bought two new mufflers and about twenty feet of two-inch exhaust tubing: both flexible and fixed. But I realized that in order to install the new exhaust line, I would have to figure out a way to use the old mounting hardware. Rather than fabri... Read more

Ran When Parked: Classic auto engine inspection tips

Classic barn find car covered in dust

Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself beholding a screen full of Craigslist adverts for “Classic” vehicles. Most folks, at some point in their life, will feel the urge to start restoring a vehicle. But how do you know if what you’re looking at can be saved without having to take out another mortgage? This article will cover some of the warning signs you need to see in an engine before your bank account does.

Check the Oil

This sounds basic, and it is, but if an engine has been sitting for an extended period, there’s a chanc... Read more