1971 Ford F100 Sport Custom - For sale near Kalispell, MT

1971 Ford F100 photo

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Check out this sweet 1971 Ford F100 (maybe? more, below) Bumpside pickup truck.

Seller Zachary says this pickup was running good, yet after sitting for some time it isn't starting now. Seller notes that it has an oil leak, does have some rust in the floorboards and other places throughout, yet is fairly complete. That bench seat and the rest of the interior looks surprisingly clean for the year - the 70K mileage might be original, not spun over!

It's listed on Craigslist as an F100, yet it has the Camper Special style built-in bed side tool box. Perhaps the 3/4 ton standard tool box was added to this F100 as an add-on. No Camper Special badging appears to be present and the mirrors are the 1/2 ton model style. The listing does incorrectly specify this as a 6 cylinder, yet the F100 model may be listed correctly.

Check out the photos, taken in multiple seasons, to see the shape of this project pickup.

$2,500, sold with clear Montana state title.

1971 Ford photos 1971 Ford photos
1971 Ford photos 1971 Ford photos
1971 Ford photos 1971 Ford photos

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